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German Wedding Celebrant in Thailand & Asia


Dear bride and groom,
I’m glad you made it to my site. My name is Thomas. I am a german wedding planner and celebrant in Thailand, based on the beautiful island of Phuket.
An exciting time awaits you. You will get married. How awsome is this? Moreover you are planning your wedding in one of the most fascinating and exotic countries in the world. In Thailand.
A free wedding ceremony is, as the name implies, above all one thing: free.
Free of conventions, free of guidelines and free of expectations of others. That should be so in your homecountry and certainly it should be so in Thailand.
Only YOUR ideas and wishes play a role on your wedding day.
Organizing a wedding far from home is exciting and challenging. As a wedding celebrant in Thailand I support you with words and deeds and of course with all my experience.
During the planning phase, there are usually many thousands of kilometers between us. Thanks to modern technology, however, we still are able to chat and get to know each other.
I want to meet you, listen to you and get to know your story. Observing brides and grooms and experiencing their own dynamics and togetherness is one of my favorite parts of my job.
As a creative person, i want to make your ceremony as individual and personal as possible. Hence I like to get to know you via video calling and meet you personally for a preparation meeting in your hotel in Thailand, one or two days before your wedding day.
Together we work out all the cornerstones of your wedding ceremony. I assist you with the constitution of your personal vows or show you different variants of classical marriage vows.
I am more than happy to integrate one or more wedding rituals into the ceremony. Whether classical rituals such as Ring exchange, sand ceremony, lighting of the wedding candle, hand fasting, etc. Or how do you like a ritual created especially for you?
To make your wedding ceremony as memorable as possible contact me directly or through your wedding planner.



Your Wedding Celebrant in Thailand

You want to get married in Thailand.
Thailand, the proverbial „Land of Smiles“. Famous for its friendly people, Buddhism and its tolerance, breathtaking landscapes and pure white sandy beaches. Exotic temples and monasteries and of course a millenary culture.
I am happy to work with you on a wedding ceremony in which also Thai wedding rituals are integrated.
A blessing by Buddhist monks is an unforgettable experience. And the traditional Thai water ritual (Rod Nam Sang) is especially suitable for involving family and guests in the ceremony.


Your Wedding Officiant in Thailand

As a wedding planner and celebrant in Thailand I have officiated weddings with all imaginable requirements. Whether the ceremony was intimate and romantic only for the bridal couple alone on a secluded beach or whether the wedding was pompously equipped in a luxury hotel, with various program points and in front of several 100 guests celebrated.
Many of the renowned 5-star hotels and the best wedding planners in Thailand are among my regular clients.
I have held wedding ceremonies in German, English and in Spanish, sometimes even multilingual in one ceremony.
Despite all experience, such an important day should not become routine. Every wedding has its own charm and is something very special. Highlighting these peculiarities is what makes a marriage so appealing to me. Because it’s exactly your specifics. It is your story that is told and continued. A small inventory and a short future prospect. I want to get to know you, talk to you and find out how you „tick“
And then I would be happy to run your wedding ceremony here in Thailand.